Stay Safe.
Smell Great.

First of its kind Airtok introduces a new concept into the market: perfumed hand-sanitizer, with antibacterial properties that kills germs while perfuming your hands and body with the finest European fragrances.


OIA Technology

Using the most advanced Taiwanese technology, our OIA sanitizer is formulated with active antibacterial ingredients that are hydrating, non-sticky and good for your skin.


Airtokʼs perfume is formulated by Chemarome, a well established European fragrance manufacturer with more than 20 years experience producing high quality scents. We offer a selection of fine fragrances that blends perfectly with the sanitizer.


Airtok comes in a neatly designed body that fits comfortably in your pocket or handbag without taking up too much space. New customizable formats soon!

Our Products


Need Gifts for clients and staff members?
Airtok can help you by enhancing your brand strength through our multi-layer customization.

Entrepreneur or influencer?
We can design your own product to increase your personal brand awareness.

Or simply enjoy a nice smelling sanitizer?
We can work with you to create the right hygiene solutions.

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